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Last Updated: Feb 9, 2021

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Abominations Toward God

About Pagans

Abrahamic Covenant

A Bush Burning with Fire, Yet Not Consumed: The Jewish People

A Christian’s Goals: Hidden Reefs 


A Familiar Cadence

All Is Purchased, For All Is Sold


Am I Standing on Safe Ground If I …

An Open Door, Rev.4

Answers to Reader’s Questions


An Unfaithful Wife

An Unlikely Portrait

Apostles to The Jews, Paul to The Gentiles, Part I

Apostles to The Jews, Paul to The Gentiles, Part II

Are Pentecostal Churches Cults?

Are There Two Gospels?

Are The 144,000 Virgins (As In Eunuchs)?

Are We Once Saved, Always Saved?

Are You Going to Heaven?

Ark of The Covenant


Atheists, Gnostics, Unbelievers, and Backsliders 


Back to Their Land 

Baptism of The Holy Spirit and of Water


Believe by Faith

Beyond Good and Evil

Bibles, Bibles and More Bibles, But Where Is Christ?

Bible Inferences or Inferential Reading

Bible Symbols and Definitions  



Blindness: Walking in The Dark

Blood of Christ

Building Upon The Foundation of Christ

Business Referrals of Site’s Author

Calamaties of The Jewish People

Call No Man Father, For Our Lord Is A Jealous God

Can God Be His Own Messenger?

Can We Be Justified By Our Own Works?

Catching Away

Catching Away of The Church

Caught Up or Raptured?


Chains and Bonds

Characteristics of False Teachers and False Churches

Christianity: A Strange Story

Christianity: The Religion of Access

Christian Persecution

Christians and Technology

Christ Jesus Made A Curse

Christ Our Mediator

Christmas Gift from God: God’s Gift to Us

Come as A Child

Coming Judgment Day: Marked for Judgment

Commentary on Guns

Commentary on Obama 

Comments Regarding Speaking In Tongues

Compare The KJB With The NIV

Comparing Bibles

Confirming The Covenant

Confirming The Covenant and The Third Temple

Conscience and Attitudes

Constructive Thinking

Contact: Sacrifice Keeps Lines of Communications Open

Context Defined on II Peter 2:8

Covenant of Redemption Between The Father and Son

Covered By The Blood


Creation to Final Judgment: World History, Chapter 1

Creation to Final Judgment: World History, Chapter 2

Creator, Prophet & Heir

Cringing at Humility

Critical Thinking 


Cult of Jehovah Witnesses

Daniel 9:24- Cause and Effect

Daniel 9:26 -The Prince

Daniel’s Predictions of End Times, Part 1

Daniel’s Predictions of End Times, Part 2

Daughters of Jezebel: Sign of the End Times Church

David and Goliath

Davidic Covenant

Death and Hell Followed

Debate: Eternal Torment or Universal Salvation?

Debate: Who Are The 144,000 of Rev 7?

Definition of Church

Definition of Day

Demons and Demoniac Possession

Demon Semen

Devils and Demons, Part 1

Devils and Demons, Part 2

Devils and Demons, Part 3

Diary of End Time Events

Did Jesus Say “My God” to His Father?

Did You Know?

Differences Between The Ancient Jews and The Church

Difficult KJV Words Defined

Dirty Old Men

Distinguishing Characteristics That Belong to God Alone

Divination, Witches and Wizards

Divine Names of God

Divine Perfections of Jesus Christ

Does It Matter If One Child Dies?

Does Taken Up Mean to Be Raptured?

Dog Days of Summer

Double Minded

Do You Believe Both The Old and New Testament

Do You Trust The Word?

Drawing Conclusions from Inferences

Drawn By the Father to The Son

Dreams Vs The Word of God


Easter or Passover?

Eating, Drinkng Unworthily The Lord’s Supper


Education-Anybody Can Learn

Education For Life Itself



Essence of God

Essential Truths

Eternal Security vs. Falling From Grace

Eternal Torment or Universal Salvation

Everlasting Father, Two Fathers

Evolution of the Bible

Exposing a Hypocrite

Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones

Face To Face

Faded Memories

Failed Prophesies


Faith and Counterfeit Faith

Fall from Grace

False Teachers Divide

False Teachers, Liars, Antichrists

False Words in Some Bibles

Father, Let This Cup Pass from Me


Figurative Language: Metonymy 

Figurative Language: The Synecdoche

Final Countdown: Introduction

Final Countdown: Preface

Final Countdown: Vol 1 Ch 1-10

Final Countdown: Vol 2 Ch 11-17

Final Countdown: Vol 3 Ch 18-23

Final Countdown, Ch. 1: Jesus and The Disciples at The Mount of Olives.

Final Countdown, Ch. 2: What is The Meaning of “No man Knows” in its Context?

Final Countdown, Ch. 3: How Does God Keep Time?

Final Countdown, Ch. 4: This Generation

Final Countdown, Ch. 5: Confirming The Covenant of Daniel 9:27

Final Countdown, Ch. 6: The Decree of 457 B.C., The Return of The Jews

Final Countdown, Ch. 7: Prophesy Fulfilled: The Image

Final Countdown, Ch. 8: Bad Boys of Greece and Rome

Final Countdown, Ch. 9: When Was Jesus Crucified

Final Countdown, Ch. 10: 2300 Days, Daniel 8:14

Final Countdown, Ch. 11: 6000 years

Final Countdown, Ch. 12: 1290 Days

Final Countdown, Ch. 13: Belshazzar

Final Countdown, Ch. 14: Hosea 6:2

Final Countdown, Ch. 15: The Missing 30 Years

Final Countdown, Ch. 16: The Last Temple Sacrifice

Final Countdown, Ch. 17: God’s Two Witnesses

Final Countdown, Ch. 18: I Thessalonians 4:17-19

Final Countdown, Ch. 19: Is The Word “Rapture” Biblical?

Final Countdown, Ch. 20: Drugs: A Sign of God’s Final Countdown

Final Countdown, Ch. 21: More End Time Signs

Final Countdown, Ch. 22: Who Are The Arabs of Today?

Final Countdown, Ch. 23: A Temple Without God

Final Retribution

Finishing with A Clear View

Firstfruits Unto God

Flesh and Blood

Foreknowledge of God

For Post-Tribulation Believers

Four Hundred Eighty-Three Years

Four Priesthoods

Four  Resurrections

Gay Movement

Genesis 1: Introduction

Genesis 1: God Created

Genesis 1: Heaven and Earth: Without Form and Void

Genesis 1: In the Beginning

Genesis 1:3-6

Gift from God

God Is One

God Is The First Cause

God Manifest in The Flesh 

God, Please Back Up My Plans

God’s Ambassador

God’s Distinguishing Characteristics

God’s First-Born

God’s Foreknowledge and Predestination    

God’s Fury

God’s Greatest Disciples  

God’s Harvest

God’s Math

God’s Name or Is It His Office?

God’s Settled Purposes

God’s Timeline

God’s Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

God’s Unconditional Covenant: The Secret to Israel’s Immortailty

God’s Unlimited Support Vs Cheap Grace

Good Works

Gospel and The Kingdom of God

Grace of God

Graven Images

Greek Dictionary: Holy Spirit

Greek Words: Raised, Resurrection, and Caught Up

Happiness Is Not Guaranteed

Harmony of The Scriptures

Has God Cast Away The Jew?

Has The Churched Changed?

Have We Lost Our Fear of God?


Heaven A Real Place?

Hebrewisms of the Bible: Intro

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 1

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 2

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 3

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 4

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 5

Hebrewisms of the Bible, Part 6

He Is Our Light


Heros and Idols

High Places  

Hillary Clinton

Him That Cometh to Me, I Will In No Way Cast Out

Historical Interpretation of Scripture

History, A Story Past

History of The Church, 2nd Century

History of the English Bible

History of the KJV

Holiness of God

Holy Spirit and Redemption

Holy Spirit Is The Living Witness to Truth


How Close Are We to The End? Vol 1

How Close Are We to The End? Vol 2



Idolatry, Part 1

Idolatry, Part 2

If The Holy Spirit Is Taken Away, Can The Church Survive?

Ignorance Is No Excuse


Imperfect Obedience

In The Early Spring of Their Life

Is Jesus The God of The Old Testament? Part 1

Is Jesus The God of The Old Testament? Part 2

Israel Is God’s Concern

Is Suicide Biblical?

Is The Bible Authentic?

Is The Rapture Biblical?

Is There A Contradiction?

Is “To Love Your Enemies” Unreasonable?

Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated


Jehovah Witness Deception

Jehovah Witness’ False Organization

Jerusalem: The City of God

Jesus’ First Miracle: Water to Wine

Jesus Glorified 

Jesus Is The Angel of The Lord

Jesus Said “Touch Me Not!”

Jesus’ Second Coming

Jesus: The Minister Of Salvation

Jewish History

Jewish Dispersion

Joel 2: The Last Days

Judas Iscariot

Judas’ Kiss

Judging Others

Judgment Day

Justification By Our Exalted Substitute

King James Bible History 

Kings and Their Kingdoms

Lady of Fatima

Let Him Speak to Your Heart

Levathian: Man or Beast?


Links to Other Ministries

Lord of The Cloud

Love, Faith and Grace

Love Thy Neighbor


Mahomet and Mohammedenism, Part 1

Mahomet and Mohammedenism, Part 2

Mahomet and Mohammedenism, Part 3

Malachi to Christ

Man: Body, Soul and Spirit


Man’s Intellect or The Holy Spirit?

Man’s Race Toward Eternal Life

Man’s Redemption Through Christ

Mars Space Probe Phoenix

Mary, Mary, Mary

Memorials to My Friends


Metamorphosis: Flesh to Spirit

Metaphors, Tropes, Allegories, Riddles and Proverbs

Milk-Fed Christians

Ministrations of The Holy Spirit

Miracles and Signs

Miracles of Jesus Christ

Mosaic Covenant

Musical Instruments In Church: Yes or No? Part 1

Musical Instruments In Church: Yes Or No? Part 2

Muslim Frenzy

My God, My God

Nakedness of Noah

Names and Glories of The Redeemed

Names & Offices of Jesus: Intro

Names & Offices of Jesus: Light

Names & Offices of Jesus: Only Begotten

Names & Offices of Jesus: Saviour

Names & Offices of Jesus: Secret & Wonderful

Names & Offices of Jesus: Son of Abraham/Son of David

Names & Offices of Jesus: Temple and Circumcision

Names & Titles of Jesus Christ, Part 1

Names & Titles of Jesus Christ, Part 2

Names and Titles of The Holy Spirit

Nebuchadnezzar’s Image

Necessity of Free Will


Never Coming to Knowledge

Never Too Late to Learn


Nietzsche: Race and Blood

Niginoth, A Song Of Praise to God

Noah’s Ark

Obedience to God


One True God

On the Sense of Scriptures 


Origin of Sin

Page 1 of End Times


Pandora’s Box

Parallel Passages of Scriptures

Passion of Christ and Passions of Men


Paul The Apostle, Part 1

Paul The Apostle, Part 2

Paul The Apostle, Part 3

Paul The Apostle, Part 4

Paul The Apostle, Part 5

Paul The Apostle, Part 6

Paul The Apostle, Part 7

Paul The Apostle, Part 8

Paul The Apostle, Part 9

Paul The Apostle, Part 10

Paul The Apostle, Part 11

Paul The Apostle, Part 12

Paul The Apostle, Part 13

Paul The Apostle, Part 14

Paul The Apostle, Part 15

Paul The Apostle, Part 16

Paul The Apostle, Part 17

Peace of Jerusalem

Phillip and The Eunuch

Phil’s Journey

Please God, Back Up My Plans


Prayer or Lip Service?

Pray to Jesus

Presumption and Presumptuous Sin

Pride: The Sin That Destroys

Problem with Post-Tribulation

Professing, Then Denouncing: Heb 6:4-6

Progressive Revelation: God’s Names

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Pronouns and Definite Articles

Prophecies Made Me A Believer


Prophesy and Modern Israel

Prophesy Fulfilled


Prophets and Prophesy

Prove All Things


Purgatory Is Not Necessary

Questions and Responses

Questions, Answers and Biblical Clarifications


Rapture Pre, Mid or Post Trib, Part I

Rapture Pre, Mid or Post Trib, Part II

Reason and Nature 


Red River Revival




Responses to Questions

Resurrection, Raised, Rapture

Revelation: The Book

Revelation 20:4- 1000 Years


Salvation Brings Peace

Satan’s New Plan

Saved from The Wrath to Come

Saving Knowledge of God

2nd (Second) Thessalonians

Scope and Design of Biblical Books



Serving Two Masters

Shoes or Sandals

Signs, Miracles or Faith?

Sin Is Born of Selfishness

Six Thousand Years 

Socialism in America

Something to Think About!

Son of God, Son of Man

Sons of Issachar

Sons of God, Genesis 6:2, Part I

Sons of God, Genesis 6:2, Part II

Sons of God, Genesis 6:2, Part III

Sounds of War

Sowers and Reapers of the Great Harvest

Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Israel

Stand Fast in The Tradition

Straining Out A Gnat

Suicide, Is It Biblical?

Summary of The Books of The New Testament

Summary of The Books of The Old Testament


Synonomous or Not?

Taking A Stand  (Formerly Titled: Have Christians Forgotten How To Take a Stand?)

Tattooing and Cutting The Flesh

Taxes and Tributes

Teachers of The Scriptures

Tested By God

The Almighty, Infinite God

The Battle Rages

The Bible Is All God Intended It To Be

The Bible Is A Progressive Revelation

The Bible Is Inspired of God

The Blackness of Darkness

The Bride, The Rapture, The Tribulation

The Catacombs of Rome

The Church Is Suffering from Life Itself

The Clearest Expression of His Love

The Cross: Instrument of Capital Punishment

The Cross, Parts 1 and 2

The Cross, Parts 3 and 4

The Cross, Parts 5 and 6

The Cure

The Decline of The Church. Part 1

The Decline of The Church, Part 2

The Decline of The Church, Part 3

The Decline of The Church, Part 4

The Decline of The Church, Part 5

The Decline of The Church, Part 6

The Decline of The Church, Part 7

The Decline of The Church, Part 8

The Decline of The Church, Part 9

The Decline of The Church, Part 10

The Decline of The Church, Part 11

The Democrat Party Rejects God

The Devil and Hell

The Distinction Between Law and Grace

The Feet: Part of Iron and Miry Clay

The Final Plague

The First Commandment

The First Men Born of The Dead

The Fury of Our God

The Godhead

The Great Image 

The Heart and Spirit of Our Government Is Lost 

The Jew

The Jews, The Land, The Promise

The Kingdom of God

The Knot-Hole Gang

The Land Covenant

The Last Day and/or The Last Days

The Law

The Man, The Horse, and The Goat

Them Dry Bones Are Coming Home

The Mystery of His Name

The Natural Man 

The Number Seven

The Old Man

The One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand

The 144,000: Are They Virgins, As in Eunuchs? 

The Prince of This World

The Prince to Come

The Race Is Set Before Us-Hebrews 6:4-6

The Record

The Resurrection

The Rich Young Man

The Robes of Jesus

The Seed: God Manifest in The Flesh

The Shepherd and His Fold

The Subject and The End of Scriptures

The Tongue: Man’s Greatest Weapon

The Truth of Words

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Water of Life: Jesus Christ

They Stood Before The Throne  Rev 7:9

The Young Jesus

The Young People: The It People

The Zionist Movement Toward God (Formerly Who Owns the Temple Mount)

Think On This: Mini Commentaries (2007-2011)

Think On This: Questions to Ask Yourself

Think On This: Quietness of Christ vs Rage of The World

Three Pre-Tribulation Groups

Tidbits on Words

Timeline for Apostle Paul’s Life

Timeline of God

Tithing, Tradition and A Widow’s Two Mites

Titles and Attributes of The Holy Spirit

To Be A King

Tongues and The Pentecostal Church

Tributes to Others

Tribute to Nadine

Tribute to Smokey The Cat

Tribute to Wanda

Trick of The Anti-Christ or Not


Trinity and Godhead

Trinity Debate 1 

Trinity Debate 2

True Believers vs. False Professors


Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD: Mystery

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD, Why Prophesy?

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD: Part 1, Starting Point for Calculating Prophesy

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD: Part 2, Date Setting

Twenty-Nineteen (2020) AD: Part 3:

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD, Part 4, Daniel 11-12

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD, Part 5

Twenty-Twenty (2020) AD, Part 6

Twenty-Twenty (2020), Part 7

Two Sticks of Israel

Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

Types and Anti-Types 

Ultimate Sacrifice: Kerry’s Little Brother

Understanding The Pecular Language of The Bible (formerly titled Figurative Language)

Unequally Yoked in Government

Unfaithful Wife


Unraveling Revelation

Various Symbols of the Bible A-K  Over 40 Biblical symbols explained.

Various Symbols of the Bible L-Z   Over 40 Biblical symbols explained.


Visions from God or Not?

Waiting with Patience (formerly titled Holy Spirit, We Have Peace)

War: The Engine of Evil

Was Christ Raised from The Dead?

Was Elijah Taken Into Heaven?

Was Methuselah Really 969 Years Old?

Way of Salvation


What Are Angels?

What A Wonderful Promise

What Denomination Are You?

What Is An Apostle? What Is A Disciple?

What Is A Parable?

What Is A Soul?

What Is The Gospel?

What The Early Church Believed About Jesus 

When Did Lucifer Fall? 

When Prayer Is Not Received 

Who Are The Arabs?

Who Is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Whom Do You Follow?

Whosoever Cometh

Who’s to Blame for Sin?

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 1

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 2

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 3

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 4

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 5

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 6

Why The Pre-Trib Rapture Is Correct, Part 7

Why Was Cain’s Offerings Rejected?

Widow’s Two Mites

Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation?

Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?

Wisdom and The Word

Women Pastors?

Words for Resurrection

Work of A Prophet

World History, Chapter 1: Creation to Final Judgement, Part 1

World History, Chapter 2: Creation to Final Judgement, Part 2

World History, Chapter 3: The Blessing, The Seed, The Blood

World History, Chapter 4: Creating Sperm

World History, Chapter 5: The Seed of The Serpent

World History, Chapter 6: Transition from The Greeks to The Romans

World History, Chapter 7: The Birth of The Beast

World History, Chapter 8: The Fourth Kingdom

World History, Chapter 9: Secular Rome to The Holy Roman Empire

World History, Chapter 10: The Fourth Beast

World History, Chapter 11: Fall of Greece and Rome

World History, Chapter 12: 2300 Days

World History, Chapter 13: The Fourth Beast

World History, Chapter 14: The Church Is Divided

World History, Chapter 15: No Man Knows The Day or The Hour

World History, Chapter 16: Beware of False Teachers

World War II and Israel

Ye Shall Know That I Am Jehovah


Younger and Older Christians: Is There A Difference?