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Two thousand years ago, a fantastic light washed across the stars. A mysterious light having a golden outline moving along like a burning fire. What the Father sent was to be the masterpiece of His greatest work; the Son of God had come to visit his people. And when He returned to his place in heaven, he left for us a radiant pathway, glowing with embers of hope.

Phillip LaSpino


“In The Beginning.”

“Ex buguki buguk fut.” From nothing, nothing comes.” This is a maxim which leads one to an infinite intelligence; God, the maker of all things.

Unlike pagan myths, philosophies, and theories, the Scriptures give a plain, simple, and concise account of creation. The Scripture bears the stamp of truth, and gives to the mind a just, elevated view of God.

Genesis does not exclude the idea that angels, principalities, and powers were created ages before the heavens and earth. The Bible presents and informs people of the Almighty who produced and brought to perfection in great majesty and goodness, the heavens and the earth, in six literal days.

Examine the following three words, “In the beginning.”

The Hebrew word “In” as a preposition, or as a prefix: as a preposition, “in” means present or enclosed, surrounded by limits.

In Genesis 1, the word appears to imply present in time, as in that hour or day. “In the beginning,” or some translate it without the article “the,” as “In beginning,” regardless, the idea of the word “in” means at the present time. Specifically, “in” implies, at that present time, this hour, minute and very moment. “in” is limited by the word “beginning.” Therefore, when God spoke His first words in the beginning, time began.

“The” is definitive, an adjective used to define or limit the extent of the signification of a common noun.

The last word is the word “beginning.” The Hebrew is rai-shith, whereas the Greek is, “arche” meaning spoken of time, as the beginning, or commencement of time. Also, from the beginning of all things, from everlasting, from the beginning of any particular thing, such as:

The beginning of the gospel dispensation.
The beginning of a Christian experience.

It sometimes speaks of persons, the first primus, as, “The first and the last.”

“The beginning and the end.”

The word beginning also speaks of dignity, the first place, power, or dominion. It gives to the reader a sense of preeminence, precedence, or princedom.

Also, in the abstract, the word “beginning” refers to rulers, magistrates, princes, and persons of influence and authority, or civil rulers. The beginning, or first power, speaks of the princes or chiefs among angels, demons, and the powers of the underworld.

The word “beginning,” gives the idea of the commencement, or beginning of things as we know them. There have been attempts made to take the word beginning to mean the everlasting past, eternity past. Not so! The word beginning has the idea of a starting point, and eternity past has no beginning.

The word “in,” leads us to the exact moment in time frame, designated by the Creator. “In” points to the word beginning, implying it was THE ONLY BEGINNING, clear and exact in all determinations.

The word specifies to us that at the very moment, and the very first words spoken by God, time began, hence the evening and morning of the first day, a literal 24 hour period.

Phillip LaSpino  www.seekfirstwisdom.com


There once lived a man and his son who made their living crafting wood for various projects. One day the father asked his son to go to the lumber yard and purchase some lumber for a special undertaking he had in mind.

When the boy returned, he unloaded the pickup, and placed the lumber on the floor of the workshop. The father came over to inspect the planks of lumber, and found several pieces so knurled and twisted, they appeared to have little to no use for this project.

The father asked, “Did you get these twisted pieces of lumber for free?” The boy replied “no sir, I paid the same price for them as I had the others.” The father was displeased with his son, and his lack of common sense.

“Son you have been working in this shop for a few years, have you not learned anything in that time? What can possibility be done with this twisted and knurled lumber? You’ve waisted our money!”

The son hesitated, then replied, “Father, no tree grows the way it does for nothing. Let’s put these pieces aside, we may find some use for them one day.”

As the years pasted, a lady came into the shop needing a carpenter to build a special room addition to her home. The room was to have a large stone fire-place, with a fancy mantle. The corners of the room were to have a peculiar turn to them as they butted up to the stone fireplace.

The woman asked, “Can you build this corner the way the architect has designed it?” The father looked at the blueprints, scratched his head, and replied, “Give me a few days to examine these prints more closely.”

Upon closer examination, the father went to where he stored his lumber and found nothing that would do for this particular job. The son came in and asked, “Father what are you looking for?” The father showed him the prints, and the fancy turn need to accomplish the work. “We need a few pieces of lumber that can make this peculiar turn in the room.”

The boy remembered the twisted lumber he had purchased in the past, he fetched it, and brought it to his father. The man looked closely at the twisted lumber, and said, “Son, this may do it.” The job would have required a great deal of extra work in order to finish the project. But the twisted and knurled wood, once rejected would do for this particular job, perfectly.   

The father said, “It appears that the tree had grown the way it did for this very purpose.”  The son replied, “There was a place for even one of these crooked planks after all.”

If we listen with our hearts to the direction of the Spirit of God, he will show each of us the place into which we may fit in the building of the Father’s heavenly temple.

What God gives to each and every one of us is for His glory. Rich or poor, educated or not, there’s always a place that everyone of us can fill.

Phillip LaSpino  www.seekfirstwisdom.com


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