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Understanding the language of the Bible is critical. The language of the N.T. is written in the later Greek, and the writers applied the Greek to subjects on which it had never been used by native Greek writers. The things concerning Jewish affairs, their theology, and rituals. I have committed the work of the Greek dictionary found within, to assist in your personal study, and in repelling those who choose to distort the word. Acquaint yourself with the language of the Greek N.T., you will find it to be of an indispensable importance.

The author of these articles and features quotes verses from the King James Version. We investigate the Bible's original text, examine the Greek, Hebrew, text, context, symbols, and terminologies. We will continue to make every effort to aid readers to grow in their individual faith. We will also make every effort to assist, and to support those who have vowed to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, and His finished work.

The true greatness of a people is in those qualities which constitute the morals and humility of each and every individual.

Men have differed far more in their definitions and manner of explaining the Christian faith than in Jesus Christ’s design and purpose for them.

Race and blood:

In the nineteenth century the Christian teachings that held society together began to weaken. With it came insecurity and a moral breakdown brought on by a great deal of anxiety. The so-called upper-crust of society, the white collar social elite had the most to lose, and therefore became the most fearful and uneasy. Religion no longer served them; therefore new ideas were needed to fill their emptiness.

In their quest for peace they turned over every stone looking for a new purpose, something that would restore their prestige and security and bring to them a new philosophy, one that would pacify their anxiety and quiet the unrest that plagued them.

Let’s look back to the middle of the nineteenth century, to a Frenchman named Count Gobineau. He wrote, “The inequality of Human Races,” published in 1853. He brought forward the idea of systematic theory of white racial supremacy. He wrote of the theory of a single cause that stood behind the failure of all civilizations; that being the dilution of superior blood with that of the common people: a side note, in his work he never mentions the Jews. Years later it was the Germans who took to heart his theories. Gobineau’s work on the supremacy of the aristocracy evolved into Nordic supremacy; His work “Race and blood” were wielded into a pseudoscientific sociology upon which the final Aryan-race and superman theories would be framed.

Gobineau gained the friendship of Friedrich Nietzsche who is given credit as the author of the concept of a race of supermen. Born 1844, died 8/25/1900, his life ended when he suffered a breakdown spending the remainder of it in an asylum. Nietzsche was born in Germany, a classical scholar, philosopher, and critic of culture.

A school of apologist had/has arisen, making Nietzsche the ethical successor to the humanists. He is known as the father of Nazism, and his ethics were not that of Jewish Torah or of the gospel of Jesus Christ; his code “Write with blood,” and he counseled “you learn that spirit is blood."

In his book, “Beyond Good and Evil,” Nietzsche sets the foundation for the morals of his superman theories with such maxims as, “You I advise not to work but to fight,: and “You I advise not to peace but to victory, also “A man shall be raised as a warrior; a woman for a warrior’s recreation.” Nietzsche’s supermen would be beyond good and evil, for, “the falseness of an opinion is for us no objection to it, --- and we are fundamentally inclined to maintain that the falsest of opinions --- are the most indispensable to us.”  

The Philosophy of Nietzsche was defiant to all Christian teachings and of the commandments of God. He wrote some ten years before his insanity sent him to an asylum, and his writing would soon became the touch-stone for the Nazi party. Nietzsche was a prophet of Satan, an anti-Christ who through the eyes of Satan saw clearly the morality of the coming new age; an age of barbarism yet unheard of in the history of the world; a coming slaughter that would kill some 50 million people of which six million were Jews. Nietzsche did not create history, his books did; “And the beast shall rise up out of the earth.”

And again, now in this twenty-first century the world faces another holocaust but this will be of Biblical proportions. Unlike the others this will be a spiritual war ending when Christ returns. I believe Satan has thrown his full power and authority behind this religion called Islam. His goal, destroy the Jews and the Christians of the world. Muslim extremist have set their sites on world conquest, their goal is to convert all people to the God of Islam.

And because of this, the Jewish people and the land of Israel will never again know the tranquility of peace until the Prince of Peace returns to war against these liars, rapist, kidnappers, and murders. Insane people who hide behind their women and children; those who strap bombs around the waist of their own people, having a mindset bent on mayhem, destruction and death. Their code, “Write with blood on the corpses of our enemies the words of Mohamad,”

I understand the Arabs nations are represented in Daniel’s prophesy as the toes of miry clay, and they will take their deception and hatred into the last seven years against the Jews. This will end Daniel’s prophesy of seventy years, than will the King of Kings sit on the throne of David and rule with a rod of iron.    

Phil LaSpino

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