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Understanding the language of the Bible is critical. The language of the N.T. is written in the later Greek, and the writers applied the Greek to subjects on which it had never been used by native Greek writers. The things concerning Jewish affairs, their theology, and rituals. I have committed the work of the Greek dictionary found within, to assist in your personal study, and in repelling those who choose to distort the word. Acquaint yourself with the language of the Greek N.T., you will find it to be of an indispensable importance.

The author of these articles and features quotes verses from the King James Version. We investigate the Bible's original text, examine the Greek, Hebrew, text, context, symbols, and terminologies. We will continue to make every effort to aid readers to grow in their individual faith. We will also make every effort to assist, and to support those who have vowed to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, and His finished work.

What is a good bad man? A good bad man will steal, give whatever he stole to a friend who needs it; than goes and steals again!

What is a person without Jesus Christ? Bewildered and weaponless!

Daniel’s prophesy of end times. Part 6.
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Dome of the Rock finished. 691 + 1335 = 2026 A.D.

This is the fifth chapter in determining how close we are to the possible return of our Lord for His church. Mohammed or Mahomet, the founder of Islamism, born at the end of the 6th century A.D., claimed to have replanted the only true and ancient religion professed by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the prophets by destroying the gross idolatry into which his countrymen had fallen and that he had weeded out the corruption and superstitions which the latter Jews and Christians had introduced into their religions.

He claimed to have reduced his new religion to its original parity, which consisted chiefly in the worship of one God. He first converted his own household, and then revealed the secret of his mission to his wife; telling her that the angel Gabriel had appeared to him, and told him that he was appointed the apostle of God.

In the 12th year of his mission Mohammed claimed that he had made his night journey form Mecca to Jerusalem; and from there into heaven. This may have been expressed by him in order to pretend he had conversed with God; this in order to establish the authority he desired.  He left behind an oral tradition, and made his sayings serve the same purpose as the oral laws of the Jews.

Mohammed began to think of propagating his religion beyond the borders of Arabia, and so he sent messenger’s to the neighboring princes, with letters to invite them to Mohammedanism. Mohammed soon entered into war against Grecian forces, this in order to avenge the death of one of his ambassadors. The Greeks being superior in number, including the number of auxiliary Arabs totaled 100,000. Mohammed was at first repulsed, but eventually overthrew the Greeks and brought back with him the spoils of war.

Let’s move forward to the year 685 A.D. This was the year the building of the Muslims Dome of the Rock began in Jerusalem, it being an abomination that remains standing on the holy place.  This Dome is a shrine to the Muslim god they call Allah, it stands in Jerusalem and is the oldest existing Islamic monument. It was built over and upon a rock that had been sacred to the Jews for many hundreds of years prior to its existence; Its the place David some purchased some 3000 years ago in order to build a house unto the Lord; and it’s where Abraham made ready his son Isaac for a sacrifice unto God. But too the Muslims it represents the place where the Prophet Mohammed claims to have ascended into heaven. The building of this structure began in 685 A.D. and concluded in 691 by the caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. It was built not for public worship but as a shrine for pilgrims. This place is an abomination of desolation, one that has been set up on the Holy site that belongs to God.  

Since the destruction of Herod’s temple the Jews have not offered sacrifices, and several of their religious rites that had been directed by God upon their ancestors, could no longer be observed by the nation and people; this because certain holy days had been confined to the Promised Land, and were to be attended to by the Levites (Jewish priests) and offered in the Holy of Holies which stood on this Holy mount, the last three no longer exist.

The great transgression of the Jews after the captivity in Babylon was nothing but contempt for the holy things of God, they thumbing their nose at the sacred services.  Animal were to be sacrificed to God, those without spot or blemish, but were replaced with sick and lame offerings.

Mal.1:7-8, “Ye (the Jews) offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say , wherein have we polluted thee? In that ye say, the table of the LORD is contemptible. And if you offer the blind (animals) for sacrifice, is it not evil? And if ye offer the lame and sick (animals’) is it not evil? Offer it now unto thy governor (meaning Persian governor of Judea,) will he be pleased with thee, or accept thy person saith the Lord of hosts.”

The building of the Dome of the Rock may play an important part in our quest to determine, not the day or the hour, but possibly the year of the Lord’s return for his Church.

For discussion only: The following may be a coincidence in that it agrees with the year found in Hosea 6:2, Dan.8:6-14, and Dan.12:11-12.

Dan.12:12, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. (1335.)” So what does that mean?

First let us again review this brief history of Mohammed, and the building of the Dome of the Rock. Mohammed or Mahomet was the founder of Islamism; he was born at the end of the 6th century A.D.; he knew the O.T; and of Jesus Christ, he knew about Moses, Abraham and all the prophets of the Jews. He taught that both Jews and Christian’s were idolaters and worship a false God the Jews call Jehovah, and Christian’s call Jesus and because he knew these things and rejected them, this makes him an anti-Christ.    

The following seems to tie in neatly with the days given in Hosea 6:2, and Dan.8:6-14. In the year 691 B.C. the Dome of the Rock was finished (set up), it remains to this day an abomination that remains on the Holy Mt. of God, it standing as a monument to the powers of darkness. The Temple mount had been bought by David for the building of a house of worship, but to this day, the Temple mount is still desecrated by this structure. The land, Jerusalem and the Temple mount all need to be made clean by the blood of the Lamb, but there is only one who can accomplish this; it’s the Lord Jesus Christ; the Jewish King, High Priest, and Lord of all.   

Daniel 12:12 speaks of waiting 1335 days, and these that do, will be blessed. Again, Daniel wrote this narrative to the Jews, and concerns the Jews and the land.

Using the same formula that I had used in Daniel 8, the 1335 days represents 1335 years. The Dome of the Rock was completed in 691 A.D. If I were to add 1335 years to this number 691, it would take us to the year 2026 A.D, the same year that Hosea and Dan.8 took us to concerning the end of the tribulation.

Dan.12:12, “Blessed is he that waitheth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.” Who is the passage speaking of? Jews who fled into the wilderness, Rev.12:6, and the 144,000 who were given the mark of God on their hand or forehead.  

The abomination that sits on the Holy Mt. in Jerusalem will be destroyed when the 7 years of tribulation is finished: it may be the Dome of the Rock, or it may be a new Jewish Temple as many understand; or it may be both; both standing side by side. So when the Lord returns at the end of the tribulation, the Holy Mt. and the land will be cleansed; a new Temple set in place where Jesus will rule for 1000 years.

The year 2026 A.D. would take us to the end of the Tribulation, and if we backtracked 7 years, it would take us to the years 2019 A.D. This coincides with Hosea 6:2, Dan.8:14, and Dan.12:11. Again this may be a coincidence, maybe not, you decide.

Hosea gives us an view from the time Christ became the High Priest of the Jews 26 A.D. until the end of the Tribulation, 2000 years ending in the year 2026. Backtrack seven years we have 2019.

Dan.8 covers the time of the consolidation of the Greek Empire and Hellinization of Israel and Middle Eastern nations by Selencus in 281 B.C. If we than move forward 2300 years from 281 B.C. it will take us to the time of the rapture 2019 A.D. 7 years later, 2026.  

And now it appears these abominable structures will also be destroyed in 2026 A.D. To conclude, Jesus will raise His spiritual temple called the body of Christ in the year 2019 incorruptible and immortal; 7 years will pass when the tribulation ends, the year 2026 A.D.

This narrative take’s us to the end of the tribulation, when the holy ground in Jerusalem will be made clean. The Jews that remain will be kings and priest unto God, as promised. They will bring the Gentile nations of the world to Jerusalem and to the place where the Lord will rule with a rod of Iron, a period that will last for 1000 years.

Phil LaSpino

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