World History, Chapter 4: Creating Sperm

World History, Chapter 4: Edited 4/15/20.

Creating Sperm

Have you ever wondered how Satan is going to reproduce his image in all his glory; replicate his characteristics and very nature in human form? Here is one possibility, and I wouldn’t doubt this project has been in the works for many years now, as we, the public are just learning about it.

Eggs fertilized by sperm begin to divide into multiple cells, but do not begin to form organs and tissues for at least two weeks. During this early developmental period, the cells that will ultimately give rise to the developing fetus can be encouraged to grow indefinitely in the laboratory as stem cells that are not committed to any particular tissue. With the right mixture of hormones and growth factors, such laboratory-grown embryonic stem cells can be encouraged to become many types of adult cells such as: nerves, heart muscle, and insulin-producing cells.

French researchers say they have patented a method to create in-vitro human sperm using stem cells harvested from infertile men.

The team at Lyon-based biotech firm Kallistem, a startup working with government lab CNRS, says their technique is a step towards solving male infertility. They say that the technology has taken 20 years to refine.

Scientists have made their announcement in May, but with the patent are now describing for the first time how it works.

The complex process – which involves recreating, outside of the human body, the fluid where sperm cells are formed in the male testes – must now be clinically tested.

The immature cells used, known as spermatogonial cells, are present in all males including pre-pubescent boys. Under normal conditions they develop into sperm cells once puberty starts.

The work has not yet been validated through publication in a peer-reviewed science journal, and it is not known whether the tiny cells are up to the job of creating babies.

The next step, the team said, is to try and give life to rats with rat sperm they have created, and to see whether the next generation are then able to reproduce.

From rats to artificial men! Now let me ask the question, can all the knowledge of man be inserted via computer chips, into this artificially developing embryo and become the beast spoken of in Daniel and Revelation, the man of sin, “hmmmmmmm??????

Revelation 13:11, And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; —- he exercised all the power of the first beat before him, and caused the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.”

Science claims good will come from these projects, and no doubt it will, but there are always those who seek power for themselves, and what better way than to create life itself?

Phil LaSpino