War: The Engine of Evil

War: The Engine of Evil.

War can be called a contest between nations. Nation’s who resort to extensive acts of violence, leave in their wake horrific consequences upon both the people, and the land. Are victories won? Yes: is there ever a real winner? No.

War is carried on for many reasons; revenge, insults, redressing wrongs, acquisition of land, plunder, superiority, and religion.

The objectives are accomplished by the capture, or slaughter of troops; the total destruction of the apposing armies land, air and sea power; concluding with the take over of the conquered land; the enslavement of its people, the old established authority abolished, and individual rights stripping away.

Wars are authorized by the leaders of a nation; alliances being formed with those who have a common idea, and goal.

One great obstacle to the extinction of war, is the way in which the hearts of men are carried off from wars real atrocities and horrors; accomplished by the deceitful recording of it achievements, and battlefield victories.

There are forces at work which paint over its appalling outcome; presenting a false illusion, a palling of colors; removing from pen to book, the shocking barbarities of its battlefield victories, and finalities. Deceitful forces dislodge the truth, moving it to the back-ground of its absurd original purpose, and design. In this does war live.

The history books of the victors speak of the superb actions of its troops, and brilliance of its leaders.

I see it in poetry, which lends the magic of its syllables to a narrative of slaughter and blood; it transporting its many admirers by words pleasing to the ear, added to displays of dancing images, and figures; then garnished with the nodding plumes of military dignity. A palliation of verse: its betrayal of God: penning over a scene of legalized slaughter.

The rhythmic sounds of triumph can be heard in the victor’s music, reciting the progress of the battle. Forbidden are any utterance, single breath, or sigh by the spirit-stirring strains of the gods of war. The victor’s articulations and enunciations interrupt the death-tones of the sickening dispute, and pleas of the wounded, and dying. Their voices soon fade away from our ear, sinking into a lifeless silence.

And who is left to cry for them?  What a strange and half-sighted creature man has become.

Were it not so, war would never have been seen in any other aspect than that of unmingled hatefulness. Christian sentiments upon earth and the hand of the Almighty is all that is left to arrest the strong current of man’s popular prevailing consent for war.

Only then will an imperious sense of duty to the gospel of Christ set down the check of severe principle on all the subordinate tastes and faculties of man’s nature, and never ending taste for blood.

Only then will the glories of war be reduced to their right appraisal, as the vigilant watchman’s rattle sounds, and a charitable appetite for righteousness is directed toward the gospel.  Every spell, every treachery removed no delusions whatsoever remains.

From its simple but sublime enterprises come the instruction, and wisdom for good. Only then will the reign of truth and quietness be ushered into the world: wars cruelties ceasing; the criminal carnage of human flesh; bodies heaped, one upon another to never be seen again. Done away with is the unrelenting murder of the innocent; only then will war be stripped of its many bewildering fascinations.

Happy will it be for all men, if the prevalence of Christian principles ultimately extinguished the spirit of war; and when the ambitions of the proud to be esteemed, yield to the ambition and desire for love, man will then live in harmony, one with another.

Phillip LaSpino  www.seekfirstwisdom.com