The Clearest Expression Of His Love

The clearest expression of His love:

The known universe has only one complete lover and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. His love is above all love filling the greatest and darkest of voids, and His passions eternal. He is indifferent to chance, man’s will and misfortunes, and man’s greatest resolve united against him deterred him not. 

A mountain is not surer of the sky, or the sky surer of the mountain than Christ is for the love of His bride. He understands the laws of perfection; known not in degrees of perfection, but by reason, He is the author of perfection.

He forms the substance of what is, and what shall be! And not for a moment can the North or South, or East or West exist without His perfect love.  As He has framed the creation He has conceived in Himself the heart and soul of every new born Creature. Theirs is a heart that rises up, and cries as a windstorm to the heavens above, and earth below;  “His splendid work of redemption is finished; is finished.”

The clearest expression of His love can be seen at the cross, it needing no philosophy, neither politics, science or art to give an account; but the Lamb of God cried out from the cross, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” then He breathed no more.

Now to those who can reason, who dare to reason, and who will reason comes the cry, “He has risen! He has risen! Come unto me and inherit my kingdom!” There is none like him, nor will there ever be, for His is the clearest expression of love; a risen Savior, our Lord Supreme.

Phillip Laspino