Commentary On Guns

Commentary On Guns

Let me begin with a short story: many years ago my best friend Bob asked me to go along with him to his grandparent’s farm in Auburn New York. He wanted to see his grandmother, a lovely lady who was now very sick. Her husband had recently passed away but had left behind four sons to continue on with the work at the dairy farm built by hard work and sacrifice. It was back in the days when the cows were still milked by hand and farmers used plows pulled by horses or mules in the fields.

She was a kind person, a generous person that would share the food on her table with any hungry stranger. The family had come from Poland shortly before Hitler and his armies invaded their homeland. At that time, Poland was a place where the common people like many today were for the most part defenseless against an enemy.

When Bob and I arrived at the farm we found her in bed, she not doing well. When she saw Bob and the rest of her grandchildren her eyes lit up as she smiled and greeted each of them individually. Now let me get to the point of this story; the one thing that has for the past 60 years stuck to me as if it were branded into my memory is when she told her grandchildren, “don’t ever let anyone take your guns from you!” At the time I wasn’t sure why she gave that advice because I was too young to understand the horrors of war; and the evil that lies in the heart of many, but I know now.

Recently one of France’s political leaders had said before this tragedy in Paris, “If we go after the terrorist in France there will be political ramifications.” Now, isn’t that a quote for the ages!

Here’s a beauty from the lips of President Obama, “ISAL”, (meaning Isis) is shrinking.” I have to be honest these politicians make me sick to my stomach. After these tragedies, these hypocrites who could have done something before these massacres, before these beheadings, before these hangings and numerous other executions, but didn’t, because they won’t? Your life and your families’ lives mean nothing to them; you’re just a social security number to them.

After these horrific events, they come before the public dressed in their thousand dollar suits, white shirts and fancy ties, adjust their microphones, look sad, remorseful and make statements like, “Our deepest condolences lie with the people of France and their families, we will do all be can to help you; —- Oh me, Oh my, golly, gee, blah, blah, blah.

So what politically correct phrases will our President tack on to this massacre? Let’s see, maybe I can help; “Bar room mayhem;” or maybe “Concert hall uprising,” or maybe Restaurant turmoil.”  They speak to us as if we were children; but it is they who are the children; self righteous hypocrites looking to pad their own agenda’s. These leaders are safe because they have a company of secret service agents protecting them and their families.

Sadly to say, I have a gut feeling the only action this President will take in the next few months on anything is; he may send another 50 men to Iraq; he will release 150 + billion dollars to the Iranian murders; he will talk up his one sided peace treaty with Iran killers; tell us how good Obama care is working; talk about the environment; about Black lives (only) matter; gun restriction; and the rest of his bull. I did a little research on the gun laws in Paris. Hmmm, sounds like something the liberal agenda here in America prays for.

The French government and the European Union both impose extraordinarily strict restrictions on firearm possession by civilians. In France, where owning a gun for self-defense is for the most part out of the question for the average citizen, even as many police on patrol remain unarmed. But, it is also reported that fire arms are readily available in France on the black market for a small premium slightly over what we here in American pay at a gun store. I wouldn’t doubt if some of France’s politicians had their Lilly white hands in that black market also.

The difference is, in America, we law-abiding citizens are free to own and use those weapons in lawful self-defense, while in France and virtually all of the EU, murderers and criminals know their victims will be unarmed and helpless before them, thanks to politically correct leaders who appear to prefer to have their citizens unarmed, defenseless for the most part rather than own a gun; slaughtered like sheep in a slaughter house.

How about we vote theses do nothing jerks out of office. I don’t need them to make decisions for me, or to govern over me as if I were a child. As a once great Philosopher said, “Kiss off!” 

You want to win this war? Take the fight to them, hit them with everything we have, take out their fighters first, then hunt down their leaders, I don’t care what hole they hid in; and don’t wait for tomorrow, start now, let’s finish the fight they started before thousands more are murdered. And every one of us need to do everything in our power to keep the Iranian leadership from gaining an Atomic bomb. If they ever produce a bomb, or are able to buy one, the one word that comes to mind is, “HOLOCOST!” 

Phillip LaSpino